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Calla Wiemer, PhD

Economist, Sinologist

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Bike Lanes for Westwood
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Westwood Blvd has been designated a backbone of the Los Angeles 2010 Bike Plan Network. My advocacy writings in support of the effort to see this vision realized are posted here.

Documents submitted to civic organizations

4 Feb 2015, Westwood Village Improvement Association: "Bike Infrastructure for Westwood Boulevard"

19 Jan 2015, Westwood South of Santa Monica Homeowners Association: What the Good People of Westwood Really Think about Bike Lanes

Bike count data

Online commentary

24 Oct 2014, LA Times letter to the editor:  To address big traffic problems, think small

30 Jun 2014, UCLA Bicycle Academy:  Koretz Called to Account on Bike Lanes

19 Nov 2013, LA Streetsblog:  Bicycle Supporters Storm City Hall


15 May 2013, Rancho Park Online:  Bike Safety for Westwood Blvd
20 Feb 2013, Rancho Park Online:  Bike Lane Draft EIR Goes to Public Hearing